Top five wedding ring designs

The wedding is the special occasion. It is the wish of every girl to wear an awesome dress, pretty jewelry and looks elegant with the proper makeover. The wedding ring is the special ring which she gets from her soul mate. These rings are designed specially on orders or have the unique design which is eye appealing and fascinating. Jewelers do much effort in making different handmade wedding ring design to impress their clients.

Styles of the wedding rings                            


The wedding rings are special and people like the handmade diamond rings that give the beautiful impression. It contains the single sparkling stone especially diamond that is enough to express the love emotions for the life partner. The diamond is embedded in the gold, platinum or sometimes in sterling silver. It is one’s choices which type he can  afford or prefer for someone special.

Three stone ring

The other best style is the three stones ring. The three small diamonds are attached in the sequence in the middle of the ring. It is the delicate and attractive ring that one gift during the wedding to his life partner.

Ring with side accents

It is the elegant ring type in which one central diamond is present along with the small stones attached on both sides of the central diamond. It is the fascinating ring and gives the alluring appearance. The ring is made with precious metals for the precious day.


The ring symbolizes the matrimonial relationship between the girl and the guy. The ring is made of different strands to give it a unique and the charming look; small diamonds are attached to make it more charming and fascinating.

Promise ring

As the name indicates it symbolizes the promises and commitments between the couple. Both of them exchange this precious and affectionate jewel and promise to spend life with love and care. The ring is designed in the center where four to six small diamonds are embedded together to give the appealing look to the ring.

All the wedding ring designs are appealing and fascinating. It is the choice of the person which he wants to gift to his better half. The diamonds are attached to different metals like gold, platinum or silver; one can choose any metal and can design the ring of his own choice. There are many variations among these styles, the jeweler can alter the style as the client suggests him.